Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet summertime

From Round Rock...

The summer is flying by! I have already been home from school for a month, and it feels like I have only been here for a week. I started my job as the second youth intern at Central, and I absolutely love it. I get paid to do fun stuff all the time...and fulfill other random requests, but I don't mind that so much. It comes with the territory. On Wednesday nights, the youth group does regular worship from 7-8:30, and then from 8:30-11 there is an activity planned. It is so cleverly called 7-11. Last week was Gattiland, and I left with an awesome foam bow and arrow! I was excited. This week is messy games night, and while I am more excited about watching, I have a feeling I won't be allowed to leave without getting somewhat disgusting. We have also started having meetings for the mission trip to Alaska. Being the planner that I am, I am sooo looking forward to getting the "What To Bring" list! I love packing for trips. It makes it more real that I am actually going somewhere cool. We also are leaving for Youth Camp this Friday! I haven't been since 10th grade, but this time I will be going as a sponsor instead of a student, so that will be an interesting change.

This weekend I traveled to Denton to visit Kristen E, and might I say we had a lovely time! Despite the sunburns anyway. I will go ahead and share a funny story...

We went bowling, and I was discussing with my niece, Amanda, what we would be if we could be "made" into anything. Of course talking about the MTV show. Kristen E. apparently missed that part of the conversation and this is what happened..

Amanda: "If you could be made into anything, what would it be?"
Me: "Ummm I would say a drag racer."
Amanda: "Kristen what about you?"
Kristen: "Oohhh, chocolate!"

Oh, Kristen. I love you so much.
That is all. Have a blessed week :)