Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from Nah-lins

From Round Rock

A lot of exciting things have been happening recently! Last week I was in New Orleans along with 40 youth and sponsors. That whole trip was such an incredible blessing. We split up into 3 teams, (originally 4, but we received news 2 weeks out informing us otherwise), and went to different parts of the city. Doing what, you ask? Well to be quite frank...loving it. Our jobs were all very different. One group did repairs on a house, one group did a sports camp for kids, and the group I was in did a VBS...kind of. Looking back I find it funny that we spent so much time planning what games we would play and what stories and crafts we would do, seeing as not much of that worked out the way we planned. But that's usually the way it works anyway. I've learned that when I tell God my plans, he usually responds with "Really? That's the way you think it should work?" and completely flips it around and shows me that his plans really are what's best for me. The kids that showed up weren't too in to organization. We ended up pushing them on the swings and running around the playscape for most of the day, which was absolutely fine with me. My guess is that the kids there probably aren't used to people taking time out of their busy lives to simply play with them. The look on their faces was a look of pure joy when we told them that we were there to love them. It was an awesome experience and it reminded me why I love missions and working with youth so much.

I hope you have a blessed week!