Monday, October 11, 2010

Future plans

From College Station...

Good afternoon! So recently I have been praying alot about what to do after graduation. I feel like the Lord has really opened so many doors as far as where He wants me. At this point in time, I believe He has called me to stay in Round Rock and work with the youth group at Central Baptist Church. I fell in love with that group over the summer and God really placed a passion in my heart to serve them further. As far as which nursing school I am supposed to go to, I'm not sure yet. I am going to try my best to get into the A&M Health Science Center in Round Rock, but since it is still small and understaffed, the most realistic choice might be the ACC nursing school. However, I know God doesn't stay within the boundaries of what is "realistic". I trust Him to put me wherever I am supposed to be. I know that He has in store only what's best for me. Also, I have discovered the opportunity to take 2 classes online over Christmas break that I would've had to do either next semester or next summer! He is so faithful :)

Have a good rest of the week!!

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