Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stink clouds

From Denton...

So, I know I just posted but I just needed to post a few more cute stories. I am in Houston this weekend with all of my dad's side of the family. We are all at my grandmother's cleaning out my Poppy's workshop. He passed away in March and we were finally able to get everyone together to go through the workshop and organized all of his equipment and cleaned it up to sell. It has been a wonderful weekend and such a blessing seeing everyone come together to serve our Memi. God is very good! I have the cutest little cousins and they say the most precious things.

Cole is 7 years old, and I went to give him a big hug so i picked him up and...
me: (picking him up) "i love you cole!"
cole: (with a huge grin on his face) "I just made a stink cloud..."
me: (hugging him not so tightly anymore) "does that mean you tooted?"
cole: "hahaha yeeeessss hahha"
Needless to say, I put him down quickly and let him go on his marry way making "stink clouds"...where he came up with that? I do not know! haha

Mattie is another one of my cousins and she is 2 and a half and is very smart! She knows just about everything and can be quite sassy but is so stinkin' cute!
So, I am sitting at the dining room table working on organizing some picture we had taken of all of the equipment and cole and mattie decide to "spy" under the table while eating tortilla chips, as i'm working I hear...
cole: "Mattie, please be careful and don't make a mess...and make sure we whisper so no one can hear us!"
mattie: "I know cole, and don't make me tell you that again!"

I busted out laughing and they peeked their little heads out from under the table telling me to be quiet because they were "spying" B!

Have a wonderful week!!

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