Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Things

From College Station...

Today I was thinking about when the big thing was to write those Facebook notes called "25 things" and then tag everyone you think would care to read it. The purpose of the exercise, as the title implies, is to make a list of 25 random facts about you that people may not know. I am always entertained to go back and read notes from a few years ago, so that's what I did today. That being said, I thought it would be fun to write a new list. Let's see how this goes...

1. I absolutely hate descriptive food words. These include (but are not limited to) tender, succulent, moist, etc.

2. Ironically, I probably watch Food Network more than any other channel. Despite my hatred for the words listed above, I could sit there for hours watching people cook food and then proceed to describe in detail how it looks/tastes/smells/feels. It drives me crazy, but at the same time it's so entertaining.

3. I am extremely sentimental. This has shown itself to be a blessing because it is very easy for me to be compassionate towards difficult people. This quality is also a curse because I tend to get my feelings hurt by silly things...I'm working on that one.

4. I love animals. I can't help but go to The Puppy Store every single time I go to the mall. The only thing keeping me from buying all of them is the fact that they each cost about $400. I have been to the animal shelter one time a few years ago...that was dangerous. I cried when I got home because I couldn't "rescue" any of them. I also cried when I ran over a squirrel. I sincerely pray I never become the crazy cat lady.

5. I spend more time than I should wishing I could go back to Alaska. It was probably the most beautiful place I've ever been.

6. I have recently been really into making crafts. I give all the credit to Pinterest. I catch myself buying canvases in bulk from Hobby Lobby so I can paint amateur works of "art" and proudly display them all around my house.

7. I find the 1960's extremely interesting. One time I sat and watched a 2 hour documentary on the Kennedy assassination because the whole thing was a compilation of news footage from the day it happened. I loved looking at all the outfits, cars, hair, everything.

8. I take partial credit for developing the Sonic dollar menu. When I worked there in high school, I would tell my manager all the time that it would be a good idea. His response? "Kristen, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. We will never have a dollar menu because between that and happy hour we would never make any money!" Right.

9. When I was little, I was terrified of Ken dolls. I had so many Barbies but they were sentenced to a lonely fate thanks to my irrational fear of their male counterpart.

10. In first grade I sang "My Heart Will Go On" for the elementary talent show. I opted to sing it A Capella. Not my proudest performance, but I'm sure my mom thought it was adorable.

11. Growing up we had an RV that we would stay in when we went on vacations. My sister and I would run around the campground trying to find a little group of friends for the week. Ok..actually...since I was an unreasonably shy child, my sister would be the one going up to kids saying "Hey! Want to be friends with me and my sister?!" as I watched awkwardly from a distance. Usually they would say yes.

12. I had to wear headgear at night in 3rd grade. It closely resembled a catcher's helmet. I don't think I went to a single sleepover that whole year.

13. In 7th grade I thought it would be a good idea to dye my hair with this stuff called "Sun In". It was a lemon juice based liquid that you spray on your hair and then blowdry it and it was supposed to give you natural looking highlights. If by natural they meant orange and brassy, then it was definitely natural. That stuff went into the trash where it belonged.

14. I have never been in a car wreck in which I was driving. I've definitely cut it pretty close, but thanks to my puma-like reflexes, I have narrowly avoided a few collisions.

15. I had my adenoids removed when I was 5. I used to be one of those mouth breathers who always sounded congested no matter what. Basically I was the girl version of that kid on "Hey Arnold" who always got punched in the face by Helga Patacki.

16. In 10th grade I called into the radio station to win Kelly Clarkson tickets but instead won tickets to see Mariah Carrey. I was really upset and didn't even want them so I gave them away to a random girl at the bowling alley. Now that I think about it I could have made some serious cash.

17. I played flute in the middle school band. I actually used the same flute that my mom played in high school.

18. In 1st grade I watched a movie called "The Indian and the Cupboard" in which there is a scene where the little boy has just recovered from a cold and his mom asks him how he is feeling, to which he responds "I feel pretty damn good!" Fast forward a week or so...we had an assignment where we had to read a story about this kid who adopted a dog and answer some questions about it. One question asked "How would you feel if you adopted a dog?" Of course I wrote "I would feel pretty damn good!" I had a long talk with the principal that day.

19. I have only won the crane game one time. I was 5 years old. I still have that little bear.

20. My grandma thought my name was pronounced "Kris-teen" until I was 2.

21. That same grandma lost her balance (and then regained it by grabbing my head) and pushed my face into our brick fireplace, knocking out my two front teeth.

22. I took piano lessons for 15 years. Every year we would have a recital and I hated it because I have the worst stagefright.

23. One time when my mom was cooking, she had a glass of chicken broth sitting out. I walked into the kitchen for some water, saw the glass, and thought "Oh how nice! My mom knew I was thirsty and poured me some water!" I am disgusted just thinking about it.

24. My sister and I each had a gerbil when we were little. We had to keep them in this closet type thing in our bathroom so our cat didn't eat them. Whenever mom would tell us to take a bath, we would lock ourselves in the bathroom with the water running and just sit there and play with the gerbils. She caught us one time and was pretty mad. It was hilarious.

25. I asked Jesus into my heart when I was about 6 or 7. It happened when I was in the shower. Best shower of my life.

That took awhile! I hope you learned something new about me. If not, sorry.

Have a good day!

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